Julia Lowther teaches at these locations:

Pratt Fine Arts Center – Seattle, WA
North Seattle College – Seattle, WA
NW Rockhounds – Seattle, WA
Schack Art Center – Everett, WA
BARN – Bainbridge Island, WA
Tacoma Metal Arts Center – Tacoma, WA

Classes Coming Up Soon:

(NOTE: Classes without links have been scheduled, but are not yet live on the respective websites)


“The end of the Tale” – copper locket containing porcupine tail bones.

Sat, July 27 – NW ROCKHOUNDS – Sublime Silver Stack Rings

 Thursday evenings (4), Aug 29-Sept 19 – NW ROCKHOUNDS – Persian, Helm and Spool Knit Chains

Helm Chain Bracelet – Sterling silver and anodized niobium (you will have a choice of niobium colors!)

Spool Knit Bracelet – fine silver, sterling silver, freshwater pearls

Sat, Aug 31 – SCHACK – Sublime Silver Stack Rings

Sat, Sept 1 – NW ROCKHOUNDS – Sweet Silver Knot Rings

Sweet Silver Knot Rings – for you and a best friend?

Thursday evenings, Sept. 26 – Dec. 5 – North Seattle College – Beginning Jewelry Fabrication (10 weeks, skip 11/28)

Soldering is a big part of this “Tumbling Bats” bracelet, and is something we will defuse and demystify in this class!

Sat, Oct. 26 – SCHACK – Electro-Etched Copper/Brass Earrings & Pendants

Sat, Nov 23 – SCHACK – Braided Ring

Sat, Dec 7 – SCHACK – Sweet Silver Knot Rings


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